Broadband Communication at Highway Speeds

With Carucel technology, you can have the same Internet experience in your car and on the go as you have with your desktop



Consumers expect to surf the Web, download large files, have real-time video conference calls and other tasks through a wireless communication link with the same data rates as their desktops. The consumer further expects a uniform user interface that will provide access to the wireless link whether shopping at the mall, waiting at the airport, walking around town, or driving on the highway.    

Mobile Wireless Enhancement to WLAN: The Carucel™ network employs a patented moving base station technology capable of providing broadband service to users traveling at highway speeds.   

As compared to 3G, this novel infrastructure provides more than two orders of magnitude increase in bandwidth of wireless channels to mobile users traveling at highway speeds.  



In one implementation, the technology provides 20 Megabit per second channels to mobile users traveling at highway speeds (up to and over 100 mph) while maintaining a user capacity equal to or greater than conventional cellular systems.  



This technology advantageously utilizes the 60 Ghz unlicensed spectrum, eliminating the need for costly US spectrum licenses 
This system can provide a huge amount of bandwidth at a cost per minute comparable to a cellular voice call.   




Short distances between the base stations and the mobile units provide for reliable communication with low battery power requirements of the user's terminal.



Check out an article discussing moving base station technology:"Broadband Communication on the Highways of Tomorrow," by Charles D. Gavrilovich, Jr, IEEE Communications Magazine, April 2001, pp. 146-154.



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